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Regarding environment the year 2018 has been of mixed results for Punjab

Regarding environment the year 2018 has been of mixed results for PunjabThousands of fish died due to mixing of Sheera in the Beas riverSant Seechewal's removal and reinstating from the membership of Punjab Pollution Control Board has been a matter of a great discussionFirst time the Punjab Government was fined rupees fifty crores

Sultanpur lodhi, 30th December
Regarding Environment, the year 2018 has been of mixed results for Punjab. Mixing of the poisonous substances in the rivers of Punjab remained as usual. In the Sutlej River the contaminated waters of the industries and other cities remained falling for the last many decades. But due to carelessness of Chadha Sugar Mill, Sheera got mixed in Beas River that resulted in killing aquatic animals on large scale. Beas River became so poisonous that it affected the areas of Rajasthan and Malwa also. Many animals died at different places due to this poisonous water. Punjab Pollution Control Board had fined Chadha Sugar Mill rupees five crores. On 14th November National Green Tribunal in its decision fined Punjab Government rupees 50 crores for not working properly to keep the Punjab rivers clean and tidy. This action was taken on the report of NGT a supervising committee constituted in July. Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal had a prime role in preparation of this report, he visited 44 treatment plants and did the photo and videography of the non working of the plants. Few days after the 50 crores fine the Punjab Government had removed Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal from the membership of the Punjab Pollution Control Board. The government had to face the sharp criticism of the social media on its decision and within 24 hrs the government had to change its decision and Sant Seechewal was again taken as a member. Punjab Pollution Control Board has now taken two environment lovers Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and Sant Sewa Singh Khadoor Sahib as members.

Supervising committee had also visited the place where Chadha Sugar Mill had Sheera storage tank that had leaked and Sheera was mixed in Beas.
U.P local Bodies minister Suresh Khanna saw the ‘Seechewal Model’ and he was very much impressed and has advised the UP govt. to adopt it. He also saw the garbage cleaning machine made at Seechewal. This machine was also ordered by Punjab Pollution Control Board and Nawan Shahar administration as a sample.
To make the people aware of the environment cycle rallies were taken out in the villages under the leadership of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal. The work of removing hyacinth from the Holy Kali Bein had been
going on throughout the year. Kanjali wet land was specifically cleaned. On 12th August half marathon was organized at Ludhiana for the cleanliness of the Buddah Nullah, Sant Seechewal and many other dignitaries had participated in the rally.
On 23rd December a senior officer of the Central Pollution Control Board Sh. Chandra Babu had first time taken demand letters from the Kala Sangian and Chitti Bein contaminated waters affected people.


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