Waters and Air on the land of Punjab had become terribly polluted..

An Exhibation for utilisation of contaminated waters for irrigation held in the Kissan Mela
Sant Seehewal distributed plants and made a call to make Punjab lush green.
The farmers showed a keen interest in the successful experiment of using contaminated water after treatment for irrigation, during the Kissan Mela. Great environmentlish Sant Balbir Singh Seehewal's water treatment model was  the center of attraction in the exhibition.The  farmers who had come from many villages explored the working of the Seehewal Model and how the
waters of villages are being used after treatment. On the inaugeration of Kissan Mela, M.L.A Navtej Singh Cheema visited the stall and took the information   about the use of contaminated water after treatment. Director of Agriculture Deptt S. Jasbir Singh Bains, Additional Deputy commisioner S.Avtar Singh Bhullar, Distt Chief Agriculture officer  Rawail Singh Aulakh,Sultanpur lodhi Agriculture officer Jasbir Singh Khinda and other officers were also present. M.L.A Cheema took keen interest in the Dust Bins placed at the place of exhibition.
     While addressing the farmers, Sant Seehewal expressed deep regret on the pollution  of waters and other natural resources.He said that the waters and air on the land of Punjab  had become terribly polluted. He added that after ignoring  the nature , we can not find the creator.
At the closing ceremony of Kissan Mela, Sant Seechewal distributed plants to the  visiting Farmers. He said that Farmers should give preference to plant the Fruit and shady trees around their tubewells.In the mission of plantation of 550  plants in each village unto forth coming 550th birth annivarsry of Nanak Dev ji in 2019,they must plant 5 trees around their tubewells as a begining.

         The organising head of Kissan Mela, Sardar Gurwinder Singh Boparai told that the exhibition held,shows the efforts and keen interest of Sant Seehewal being taken to save the agriculture in Punjab.These efforts include plowing of parali (Wastage of crops) in the fields itself, treatment of contaminated water and using that for irrigation purpose, to construct roads in the tibba (uneven)area of Dona upto fields and successfully recharging of rain water in the Fields itself.        

Sant Seechewal distributed plants to the  visiting Farmers

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