A Shining star of Seechewal lost forever....

We deeply mourn untimely death of a devoted Sewadar Surinder Singh ‘Labha’.

Our organization is deeply shocked to release an unbelievable news about untimely death of our beloved sewadar Surinder Singh ‘Labha’, a devoted sewadar in our organization for about 15 years. He was an unmatchable mechanic with extraordinary qualities. He was a god fearing man with submissive nature. He never lost his temper. Whenever

Sant Seechewal asked him to do some work he would always say, Yes “I will do it Baba Ji”. The word ‘No’ was not in his dictionary.  He trained so many boys technically to earn their livelihood. Some of them are now even settled in foreign countries. The gap created by his death can never be filled.
      We all sewadars pay tearful homage on his death and pray the god to bless his soul.

A Shining star of Seechewal lost forever.

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