The issue of contaminated waters is not only....

Bajwa assured to keep the Chitti Bein free of contaminations and to make it as clean as it is named...

The residents of village Seechewal raised the issue of pollution of Chitti Bein before the Minister of Panchyats. 

The issue of pollution of Chitti Bein has become the voice of people in the forth coming Shahkot election. The villagers of Seechewal has started questioning the election candidates coming for election campaign through posters posted own their doors. Morever today in the panchayat house environmentlish Padamshri Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and Sarpanch Rajwant Kaur raised the issue of pollution of Chitti Bein before Sh. Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa and briefed him that it is causing cancer and black jaundice in the area and creating health problems among the people. The common people of village raised a question before Mr. Bajwa that they have been made to suffer badly due to Chitti Bein for the last two decades. The people aksed that what type of hope they can expect from the congress Government in the coming four years that they will give some solid solution to the contaminated waters of Chitti Bein.
The people said that for the last 21 years no concrete step has been taken at govt. level to solve the pollution problem of Chitti Bein. Now when the people are dying of cancer and black jaundice and others dangerous deceases the govt. is merely sitting as a silent spectator Sant Balbir Singh Said that Shahkot people have only one major demand that the water resources of this area i.e river Sutlej, Chitti Bein and kala sanghian pollution should be completely stopped . As their contaminated waters are affecting the area and as well as causing deadly deceases to the people of Malwa and Rajasthan areas.
After hearing this demand of the people Minister of panchayats Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa said that the Seechewal village has raised the important issue of Punjab in detail. He said that the issue of contaminated waters is not only that of Shahkot it rather has effected the whole Punjab that Sant Seechewal has raised it effectively now and before. He assured that Capt. Govt. stands on its election commitments to completely clean the rivers of Punjab Pollution free. He assured that Chitti bein will be made pollution free in the very near feature. Mr. Bajwa told that some members of panchayat of his village have also come along with him to study the Seechewal Model so that this Model could be used in the area and in other areas of Punjab also.

Shromani Akalidal (A) president Simranjit Singh Mann also had meeting with Sant Seechewal. During this meeting environment pollution and contaminated waters issue of Punjab rivers was also discussed. Punjab Congress Convenor Jasvir Singh Dimpa here on the election campaign said that the Seechewal Model, is not only to Punjab state but it also is an example for the whole nation to save and reuse the waters. On this occasion in addition to others Surjit Singh Shanti, NRI Harjinder Singh Hayer, Sandip Sharma, Kulwinder Singh, Amrik Singh Sandhu, Gurwinder Singh Boparai and others renowned persons and Sewadars were also present.

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