The Punjab at present is undergoing bad environment circumstances but there is no need of worrying. If people act

Gursangat in large numbers from Italy will come to participate in 550th Prakash Purab.

A positive response to Sant Seechewal’s Invitation to Gursangat .
Sant Seechewal honoured by the  Guru Ghars in Italy.
A good response and keen interest was shown by the Gursangats to the Sant  Seechewal’s  invitation to participate in the 550th Parkash Purb to be celebrated in 2019 , while addressing the Gurusangat at diffrent Gurughars in Italy. Gursangats showed their keen desire to participate and serve the such great historic smagams.
Sant Seechewal at  Gurdwara Mata Sahib Kaur, Gurdwara Singh Sabha kortonova Bergamo and Gurdwara Singh Sabha Parma invited the Gursangats connected to these Gurughars to participate and  serve in the 550th Prakash Purb . He told that appropriate arrangements for NRI’s for their stay, Langars and their to and fro journey are being made to attend the celebration Smagams at Sultanpur Lodhi. He thanked the Punjabi NRI’S for contributing in ongoing change of Punjab villages. He added that the Punjab at present is undergoing bad environment circumstances but there is no need of worrying. If people act jointly then nothing is impossible. The Karsewa of Bein going on for 18 years has created a new perception and awareness in the minds of people towards environment. People have started planting trees and are also taking care of them.

 The Managing Committees of all the  GurugGhars honoured Sant Seechewal ji with Saropas and thanked him for his visit.The Punjab NRI’s, the residents of Italy, Who had shown their desire to Sant Seechewal to participate and to serve the Smagams belong to the  Villages, Talwandi Madho, Sherpur Dona, Nihaluwal, Pooni, Sohal Khalsa, Seechewal, Chak chelan, Jalalpur, Tashpur, Janian and many other sangats of Malwa villages. Gursangats acclaimed the Kar Sewa of Holy Bein by Sant Seechewal and expressed their gratitude for giving a new life to the Bein and termed it
as a world’s Unique work. On this occasion Sant Seechewal’s program organizer in Italy, Jaswinder Singh Bill said that the Gursangats in Italy are quite enthusiastic that Sant Seechewal has Personally come to their villages and cities to invite them to participate in the 550th Prakash Purab.

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