To regenerate Holy Kali Bein is the biggest task, which had the honour....

Sant Seechewal honoured at the Gurdwara Singh Sabha Bobeeni in Paris.
To regenerate the  Holy Kali Bein
Sultanpur Lodhi May 14th 2018

Sant Seechewal the great environment lover honoured at the biggest Guru Ghar Gurdwara Singh Sabha Bobeeni in France. On the closing Samagam of Sant Seechewal’s Europe visit, the managing committee of Gurdwara Sahib
thanked  Sant Seechewal for giving a new life to the Holi Bein, which  has the  honour of the touch of Pious feet of Guru Nanak Dev ji . The credit  goes a non stop efforts of Sant Seechewal and his Kar Sewaks. The stage secretary Bhai Kashmir Singh briefed the Sangats that how  the dirty waters and garbage was being thrown in the Holy Bein and how Sant Seechewal led the Sangats and rejuvenated the  Holi Bein, is indeed a greatest work .
                  He also thanked Sant Seechewal for putting Sewarage  pipe lines  with the help of Punjab  NRI’S in 125 villages of Punjab. Punjabi  NRI’S living in France were astonished to know  about the faultless disposal works of dirty waters of villages being done even without any Government aid.

             While addressing the Sangats, Sant Seechewal asked them that they must come to Sultanpur Lodhi in 2019 on the forth coming 550th , Prakash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He said that appropriate arrangements for the stay of Punjabi NRI’S will be made and a web site will be set for this purpose. 
A veiw of Holy Kali Bein After the Karsewa

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