Issue of Chitti Bein and Kala Sanghian drain will echo in the Vidhan Sabha.

Issue of Chitti Bein and Kala Sanghian drain will echo in the Vidhan Sabha.
Newly elected M.L.A Laddi Sherowalia met environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal.

The winner of Shahkot mid term pole with a big mirgin the congress leader Hardev Singh Ladowalia said that he will raise the issue of chitti bein and kala Sanghian drain that pass through his constituency and that the polluted waters of Sutlej in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. While attending the khed mela and talking to environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal he said that the issue of Punjab’s contaminated waters had been centre of point during elections and shahkot area is most effected by the contaminated water. He said that he will always be committed to the people of the area to provide unpolluted environment.

   Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal told him that Shahkot is being badly effected with poisonous and contaminated waters from three sides. Kala Sanghian drain where heavy elements are falling and its water is of E-grade. The nickle element in it is causing cancer in the area the same is happening in the Chitti Bein. Chitti Bein that falls into Sutlej river near Gidderpindi in Shahkot area. This water is being drunk by the people of Malwa and Rajasthan.
     It is worth mentioning that during election in Shahkot area the people had pasted the posters outside their houses that the poltical parties before asking for votes should give answer to the question of contaminated waters of their area. Sant Seechewal had also said through hordings and posters that the only demand of Shahkot area was that the contaminated waters of Ludhiana and Jalandhar should be stopped immediately.
      Harjinder Singh Hayer U.K and Jaswinder Singh U.K who accompanied Laddi sherowalia also Said that NRI’s Punjabi’s had also supported the Congress Candidate effectively and thet had also made this demand that Punjabi’s dirty rivers should flow clean.
    On this occasion Sant Daya Singh, Sant Amrik Singh, Sant Sukhjit Singh, Sant gurmej Singh, Amrik Singh, Surjit Singh Shanti, Gurwinder Singh boparai and Daya singh were also present.

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