The beginning of the married life seen in a unique manner.This youth , the resident of Seechewal ??

The beginning of the married life seen in a unique manner.          
This youth , the resident of Seechewal started his new life with planting a tree.
The marriage, that become a blessing for the Environment, a peculiar message for the Society by planting trees on this occasion.
Sultanpur lodhi 22nd June
You must have seen different type of marriages but in a marriage at village Seechewal there was a strange spectacle. Here, the bride bride and groom in order to bring awareness towards environment, gave a peculiar message to the society by planting trees on this occasion. Whereas, this couple has avoided decoration and extravagant expenses on the marriage. They have also connected the people to the environment. This couple is Ragi Bhai Manmohan Singh from Seechewal and Ramanpreet Kaur is from village Billi waraich. Bhai Manmohan Singh has said what he has got married according to the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib. He said that it is better to be a complete Sikh from inside than merely becoming a Sikh from outside. We should adopt every word of Gurbani in our life practically. He said that Guru Sahib has given us a message to treat Air, Water and earth as a Guru, Father and Mother and these are to be worshiped. But out of greed we are doing harm to them and taking ourselves towards disaster. We still have the time to be aware and to leave the path of disastractuction and come back to the asylum of the guru.
Strange in itself in this marriage at the time of Anand karaj, the guests were asked to take pledge to be aware of Environment in the future. The couple pledged to lead the life be making the green plants their witness and to work for the environment. The marriage solemnised on the basis of environment is being discussed at large.                                       

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