The school is an educational institution with a difference. The students are from slum

Nawan Nankana Charitable School an educational Institution with a difference

Nawan Nankana Charitable School Sultanpur Lodhi having been established by Sant Balbir Singh Ji Seechewal on Dec 15, 2005 and inaugurated by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam Ji in the new building in July 2008. The school is an educational institution with a difference. The students are from slum, whose parents had come to Punjab from a backward state for bread and butter.
They were not in a position to supply books clothes and sufficient food to their children. Thus the desire to educate their children lied suppressed in their minds. Sant Seechewal motivated them to send their children to school. Thus the school was started with 36 students under the trees in the open area of Nirmal Kuteya Sultanpur Lodhi and now the strength of the students in the school is about 200. The school is being run under EK ONKAR Charitable Trust. No fees are, being charged, Books, uniforms, clothes and food is being provided free of cost. There are ten computers in the school. Ten sewing machines are also there for the girl students to make them capable of earning  their livelihood. There is also a work shop adjoining the
school to give technical education to the boy students. Upto now 650 students have got their education in the school.
    The children who in the post used to search garbage to earn some money are now sitting on the computers. Some students after getting their basic education from the school are now doing B.A and B.Tech degrees. Even some have got good jobs at their native state Bihar. Even some students after taking technical training at Sant Avtar Singh Yaadgari workshop adjoining the school, have got good jobs or are self employed. Now they are seen with respect in the society and have become capable of earning their livelihood in a respectable manner.
Studying in the pleasant and pious surroundings of the Holy Bein Banks, the children have become clean hearted. Taking part in the all type of Sewa activities at Nirmal Kuteya from time to time the children get moral and religious education as well. Children and staff also avail themselves of opportunity of serving ‘Guru Ka Langar’ which is always ready in the service of Sangats. The Gurbani is also taught in the school. These children are playing a major role in the Kar Sewa of Holy Bein and other Sewa works.
All the credit goes to Sant Seechewal Ji for the upliftment of the neglected weaker section of the society and is an example of spreading Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s humanitarian philosophy in practice. The School is being run with the help of Punjabi NRI’S and gursangats in India.

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