Will Baba Nanak’s Bein become the basis for survival of the other rivers in India?

Hyderabad Conference. Will Baba Nanak’s Bein become the basis for survival of the other rivers in India?
During Hyderabad Conference and about Media’s role over change in climate  and the big challenges there in, the journalists were of the  same opinion. The problems of rise in temperature and arbitrary behavior of the big corporate houses were the serious issues of discussion   . It has become difficult to breath in the polluted air; Deaths due to smoke and decline in the level of the Ground water were termed as a big challenges. Seechewal Times team, taking part in the conference, under the leadership of Gurwinder Singh Boparai editor told that the way the Kar Sewa work of Holy Kali Bein under the leadership of Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal has brought awareness among the people of Punjab and has changed the course of their thinking towards the natural resources of water. So, only the change of thinking in the people can save the rivers of India.

When a documentary film on the Kar Sewa of Holy Kali Bein was shown in the conference, after seeing the film the administration staff and the journalists were astonished that how the people of Punjab, working unitedly had cleaned the 160 KM long river and have become a role model for the whole nation. Seechewal Times editor  Gurwinder Singh Boparai told that how the river Musa of Heritage city of Hyderabad had become a dirty drain. A suggestion was also made to clean it on the pattern of Holy Kali Bein. Seechewal Model is also being used to clean the river Ganga. A campaign to put pipelines for the sewrage purpose in the villages of Punjab has been started. This work in 150 villages of Punjab with the help of Punjabi NRI’s and without any govt aid is being accomplished. 

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