Electric vehicles: A Solution to Air Pollution?

Electric vehicles: A Solution to Air Pollution?

    The highest levels of air pollution can be found in the largest cities due to the presence of tremendous number of gas powered vehicles and diesel vehicles. They contribute to human health problems and numerous premature deaths each year. Heart disease, Cancer, Asthma and stroke are some of the worst of human diseases and toxic air pollution is often a factor in these diseases especially if you live in or near a densly populated area. Brain disease now can also be added to the list.
     We can not solve the problem of air pollution by merely  planting trees, because the increase in demand and the production of vehicles every year are causing more and more air pollution. We will have to find the alternatives to the gasoline vehicles and one of the solution is electric vehicles. For example see the facts and figures given below by a user:

    First long trip on new Tesla Model 3. First stop for charge after 350 kms in Falls Creek PA. Still had 20% charge. 45 minutes for coffee and breakfast and it was fully charged. Second short one in Breezeberg for 20 mins and we were in Washington DC with enough charge for 200 more kms. 800 kms gas free. Discovering America, and life, begins. This information has been given by one of our Sewadar Harminder Singh Dhillon who travelled from Canada to U.S.A. He further added that it will not only solve the problem of the air pollution to some extent but it will also be cheap economically.


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