how the people of Punjab, practically working, on Guru Nanak Dev Ji ‘s message

Sant Seechewal invites the gursangats of England to participate in the 550th Prakash Purb Samagams of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Website will be helpful for the gursangats.
Sant Seechewal delivered the sermons to the gursangats at Gurdwara Sahib Konak Road.

Environment lover Sant Balbir Seechewal while delivering sermons at Gurdwara Sahib Konak Road, during his visit to England, has invited the gursangats to come in big numbers and to participate in the 550th Prakash  Purb Samagams of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 2019. He said that only the blessed persons get a chance to serve the centuries or half centuries Samagams. He said that for these big Samagams, big arrangements are being made. He said that a website has been set up specially to give detailed information about the shatabdi Samagams, through which a good information could be obtained. Boarding and lodging information for the gursangats can be obtained easily through this  website.
England Gursangats were told that a modern type of museum is being built in the new building of Guru Ghar, which is being built at Nirmal Kuteya. Where, now discoveries about Sikh Religion and Nirmala Panth could be done. About Guru Nanak Dev Ji, especially about “Kirat Karna Naam Japna and Wand Chhakna” and efforts will be made to give a monumental shape to this resolution. Guru Nanak Dev Ji after taking bath in the Holy Kali Bein had given the message of welfare to all, and after the creation of “Jap ji Sahib” in its first Verse it gives the message to save the environment. In this museum information on historic Kar Sewa of Holy Bein will be provided, that how the people of Punjab, practically working, on Guru Nanak Dev Ji ‘s  message ‘Kirat Karna’ had played a big role to save this Sikhs
heritage . In order to make Punjab lush green, it has been asked to plant 550 plants each, in the whole 12500 villages of Punjab and most of the villages have adopted this campaign. Same way with the help of Punjab NRI’S the problem of contaminated waters in 150 villages in Punjab has been solved with the help of ‘Seechewal Model’. On this occasion Sant Seechewal was honoured by the Guru Ghar. On this occasion in addition to others, Balraj Singh, Bachitter Singh, Arjan Singh, Jaswinder Singh Kala and many other Sewadars were present.

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