Punjab is now passing through a big crisis of water pollution. Where ground water is going deeper

On NGT instructions Sant  Seechewal inspected the treatment  plants of Jalandhar and  report will be submitted in the supervisingcommittee meeting.

The supervising committee formed under National Green Tribunal, in order to know the real picture of the poisonous substances being thrown in the Punjab rivers, its member Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal today inspected all the treatment plants of Jalandhar. He had with him the officials of “Punjab Pollution Control Board” and the water samples taking team. He started his tour with 50 MLD treatment plant of Peerdad. There they collected the samples of contaminated waters. After that Sant Seechewal inspected the 3 treatment plants of Pholrhiwal and 5 MLD plant at Leather Complex. Pholrhiwal plants have been made to treat 150 MLD water. After it 25 MLD plant at village Jaitowal was also inspected.                                                                  

         On talking about the dumping of contaminated waters in the Sutlej river, Sant Seechewal told that a supervising committee under National Green Tribunal has been formed. The next meeting of this committee will be held at Ludhiana on 4th and 5th September, until then a report on contaminated waters will be made and submitted before the committee. He said that until now 10 treatment plants have been inspected and 22 more plants are to be seen. Where water falls in Sutlej river. He said that Punjab is now passing through a big crisis of water pollution. Where ground water is going deeper and river waters being polluted, people are dying of cancer and black jaundice. He told that yesterday the treatment plants of Ludhiana were inspected , that how the polluted water of Buddha Nallah was making the clean water of Sutlej poisonous.

    It's worth mentioning that Smt. Shobha Singh of Rajasthan has filed a writ petition before National Green Tribunal in 2016 that the water that comes from Punjab through canals to Rajasthan is much polluted, 8 districts of Rajasthan are affected and people are becoming prey to cancer with it. Having no result of this problem NGT decided to form the Supervising committee. This committee will complete it's work upto October and will  submit it's report during the hearing in November. In this committee Punjab Pollution Control Board and Rajasthan Pollution Control Board are also  members.

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