Teachers are regarded as back bone of the society

Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions     Teachers are the Nation builders- Sant Seechewal

Environment lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal congratulated the teachers on Teachers Day. He emphasized on to give due respect to the teachers. Teachers are regarded as back bone of the society. They have the greatest contribution to build up the characters of students and help them to become ideal citizens of our country.
   Teachers day is celebrated in India on 5th September every year. It is the birth day of  Dr. Srvapalli Radha Krishnan the great son of India was an outstanding scholar and teacher, Later became the President of India. A good teacher can inspire hope, Ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.
Sant Seechewal’s social welfare works are well known to all.  In order to give a practical shape to the views that no female or male child should be deprived of the education for want of funds, Sant Seechewal has opened two schools and a collage at Seechewal and Sultanpur Lodhi. Here the needy students are educated on free of cost, The children are also motivated to do social services. Two sports clubs are also established to prepare national and international level players.  Boarding, loading  and food is being provided to the players free of cost . Sant Seechewal’s works have inspired the many teachers to join hands with Sant Seechewal on meager emoluments or even on without any salary. Sant Seechewal thanked and congratulated the teachers for their selfless services to the nation

Teachers day is being celebrated today at Sant Avtar Singh Yadgari School, collage and Nawan Nanakana Charitable School with great enthusiasm.    

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