Prabhat Pherrian dedicated to 549th Prakash Purb of Guru nanak Dev Ji started

Prabhat Pherrian dedicated to 549th Prakash Purb of Guru nanak Dev Ji started 
22 Prabhat Pherrian in Seechewal and 5 will be taken out 

Dedicated to 549th Prakash Purb of Guru nanak Dev Ji, Sant Balbir Singh seechewal has started the Prabhat Pherrian. During fifth of the Prabhat Pherrian, gursangats from different villages reached seechewal to join the Prabhat Pherrian. A full bus of sangats from villages Phulewala and Manuke from the area of Malwa reached to participate in the Prabhat Pherrian. The Prabhat Pherrian starting at pious time of 3.30 AM every day, taking the complete round of the village ends at Nirmal kutiya with a prayer for the welfare of all.These Prabhat Pherrian will continue upto 16th November in Seechewal and  in nearby  villages. Sant seechewal daily motivate the gursangats to recite the name of waheguru and do the sewa to make their lives successful. Bhai Tejenderpal Singh and the students of Sant Avtar Singh Yadgari School and college also participate and do Kirtan in this Ruhaani atmosphere. The people of the village daily serve the participants of the Prabhat Pherrian with Langar of tea,pakoras, samosas and fruits. 
On this occasion Sant Seechewal addressing the present gursangats said that 550th prakash purb of Guru nanak Dev Ji is going to be celebrated on the pious land of Sultanpur lodhi next year with great fervour. Millions of people from whole world are to reach Sultanpur to visit and have holy bath. We should open our hearts and our doors in every village to welcome and serve them. He said that we should connect ourselves to the name of God by early morning recital.

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