The people those are residing on the banks of Buddah Nullah are the most affected with the diseases:- Sant Seechewal

Solutions advised to stop throwing off contaminated substances in Sutlej and Beas.

Meeting of the Supervising Committee held under the leadership of Sant Seechewal.
The people those are residing on the banks of Buddah Nullah are the most affected with the diseases:- Sant Seechewal
In the meeting of Supervising Committee held in the main office of Central Pollution Control Board at Delhi, different departments submitted their suggestion in writing to stop poisonous waters and other polluted substances in Sutlej and Beas rivers. Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal presiding over the meeting, gave instructions to solve the problem of the contaminated waters and instructed that a planning on misuse of drinking water should be made on priority basis. Next meeting of the supervising committee will be held at Ludhiana on 26th October. This committee will submit its report to NGT on 31st October.
Sant Seechewal said that non-working treatment plants should be commissioned, where new plants are needed, a detailed report should be given about them. He told the officials that people are using the water for drinking purpose from the canals that flows from Harike Pattan to Malwa  and Rajasthan. Work, keeping in mind that we are to stop the contamination of the villages and cities, not to serve it to the people. He said that supply of drinking water in cities should be made in such way that misuse of water could not be done.
   Earlier to this in the meeting Punjab Pollution Control Board Chief Engineer submitted the report on arrangements made to stop throwing off contaminated waters in the both rivers. The officials of Jalandhar and Ludhiana corporations pointed out the places where contaminated waters fell. Ludhiana officials told that there are 1020 Govt. tubewells in the City.
 The officials of Central Pollution Control Board made it clear that record of solid waste removed from treatment plants should be maintained.
  Assistant Director of Health Deptt. told that number of sick people of those areas is much more in Jalandhar and Ludhiana where the contaminated water passes. He told that in Ludhiana there are thousands of patients of Skin, Diarrhea and Asthma diseases. According to figures of one month the Diarrhea affected people are 4000 in numbers. Same way 5000 people are affected with Skin diseases. The condition of the people of the villages and cities inhabited on the banks of Sutlej is quite miserable and worrying. 

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