In 2018 1,25000 plants distributed in the Villages of Punjab…

In the year 2018 the plantation of the plants had been on full swing. This year in two seasons 125000 plants dedicated to the Prakash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji were planted in different villages and on the main roads.  25 thousand plants to the punjab police were provided from the Sant Avtar Singh Yadgari Nursery Seechewal. 21 thousands plants of different types were purchased from Saharan Pur and Palam Pur Nurseries which type was not available at the Seechewal Nursery. More than 2 lacs plants in the Manrega Nursery at village Seechewal has been nurtured. Now 6 lacs plants are ready and these plants will be planted in different villages of Punjab in the year 2019 to make Punjab lush green. On the martyrdom day of four Sahibjade and mother Gujjar Kaur while honoring the unanimously elected Panchayats Sant Seechewal said that every unanimously elected Panchayat will be given 550 plants.
This year, on the other side of the Railway station after getting rid of marsh (daldal) a treatment plant was installed and plants were planted to beautify the area. Plants were planted on Sikh Divas.

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