No improvement in the working of the Government even after the fine of 50 crores

Sant Seechewal caught the untreated poisonous water being thrown in the drain through pipes from the treatment plant
No improvement in the working of the Government even after the fine of 50 crores

The Punjab Government officials have not learnt any lesson even after the Punjab government being fined 50 crores by the National Green Tribunal for polluting the Punjab rivers. Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal renominated member of the Punjab Pollution Control board has caught the loop holes of Basti Peerdad 50 MLD treatment plant. Before joining as a member of Supervising committee formed under National Green Tribunal Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal had made a sudden checking on the Peerdad treatment plant then a plastic pipe was found concealed in the grass by the operators of the treatment plant. Through which untreated water was sometimes thrown straight into the drain. Sant Seechewal told that this pipe was found near that place of the treatment plant from where the water after treatment goes out.

  Sant Seechewal said that this way the Punjab Government and the people are being cheated as the management of the treatment plant even after consuming electricity are mixing the untreated water in the treated water. He told that the 2nd outlet is directly opened to the drain. Sant Seechewal put this issue before the senior officer J. Chanderbabu of the Central Pollution Control Board during the today's meeting and in the presence of the officials of Punjab Pollution Control Board and Jalandhar Corporation. In the meeting the officials of Jalandhar Corporation had to admit that untreated water through pipes is being thrown into the drain. Sant Seechewal had a doubt when he found that the quantity of sludge removed from the plant was quite less and thought that the water of the plant through bypass was secretly thrown into drain.
 Sant Baldev Krishan Singh who has been keeping a watch on the working of this plant for a long time was on a look to catch the theft of the operators of the treatment plant and was waiting to bring into the notice of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal. Superintendent Engineer Harbeer Singh of Punjab Pollution Control Board in the meeting said thatj suitable action will be taken against the careless persons.

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