Sant Seechewal had written a letter to the department of environment

Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal today held a meeting at Chandigarh with the Chief Secretary of science, technology and environment Punjab sh R.K  Verma on the issue of enforcement of the orders of Honorable NGT to stop pollution in Sutlej and Beas rivers and on playing with the right to health and life of the people. A few days before, on the condition of the waters of Punjab, Sant Seechewal had written a letter to the department of environment. Acting on that letter the concerned department today held the meeting.
The contents of the letter written by Sant Seechewal Briefing about the present waters condition of Punjab Sant Seechewal brought into the notice of the Chief Secretary that the poisonous waters through Buddah Nullah, Chitti Bein and Kala Sangian drain and Phagwara drain are falling in Sutlej river.
The people living around Kala Sangian drain and Chitti Bein are becoming prey to cancer in large numbers. In these villages people are mostly effected with cancer, skin and kidney and many more type of diseases. Many people have died with such diseases. People are dying of cancer and other dangerous diseases due to poisonous water of Buddha Nullah that is falling in Sutlej river.
On the hearing of the writ petition of Smt. Shobha Singh and others of Rajasthan, National Green Tribunal had constituted a monitoring committee. The report on the meetings of this committee was submitted to NGT on 31st October 2018. Taking action on this report NGT while giving its decision had fined the Punjab Government for rupees 50 crores and also instructed the government to save the Punjab rivers and other natural resources from destruction. Even after this decision the concerned officials have not taken the needed action that might have given some relief to the affected people.
We had personally inspected the treatment plants in the cities. The condition of these plants is very miserable. These plants are not working to its capacity and most of them are not working and they are bypassing untreated water. Punjab Government has spent crores of rupees on these plants but no benefit people are getting from these plants. The concerned officials have been making fools of the NGT and the people and putting people's lives in danger. So, the responsible officials should be made answerable so that the treatment plants worth crores should run properly and the people residing on the banks of natural resources may get relief.

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