Three villages of Bargari will adopt Seechewal Model for the disposal of contaminated waters
IG and Sarpanch visited village Seechewal and met Sant Seechewal...

The problem of dirty water of village Bargari of Malwa will be solved through Seechewal Model. The newly first time elected Sarpanch of village Bargari visited Seechewal and understood the minutiae of Seechewal Model. He said that the biggest problem of their village is disposal of dirty waters. The village has three ponds spread in 3 acres. Here 80 % dirty water gathers.
At this juncture Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal said that dirty water problem of village Bargari will be solved by Seechewal Model and a technical team will provide its services to the Panchayats of village Bargari, a map plan according to water flow will be made and will be made capable for agriculture purpose. Trees will be planted around the ponds to make them lush green. Sant Seechewal told that with this model the village will have a new look.
On this occasion Bargari resident IG Sh. Jatinder Singh Aulakh also discussed the problem of dirty waters with Sant Seechewal. Sarpanch Preetpal Singh told that there are 3 Panchayats in Bargari. There are 3 ponds and their waters flow out when rain falls. They had heard the successful utility of the Seechewal Model and there is always problem of the disposal of contaminated waters in the villages of big population. He has given preference to this main problem after becoming Sarpanch. He said that there are two more Panchayats of the village, Jaswant Singh and Rajinder Kaur are Sarpanch of those Panchayats.

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