Avtar Gaushala An effort to shelter homeless and speechless animals

Mostly the stray animals become the cause of accidents on the roads. Many valuable lives have been lost due to accidents happening due to stray animals. After all it is a big question that why these milk yielding cows come in the class of stray animals. Until a cow yields milk it is kept in the house and is well served. When it stops yielding milk it is stealthily left on the road to wander. The stray cows have become a big problem but no proper alternative for it is found. To give relief to the historical city Sultanpur lodhi from the stray cows, Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal has made an effort to take care of the stray cows. Started with one stray cow in 2010 Avtar Gau Shala has now more than 150 cows, those left out by the people. Now these cows are milk yielding.  The sangats are whole heartedly serving these animals with feed, straw and parali. To save these animals from cold, the sheds with modern facilities have been made. Hardeep Singh, Baba Golu, Kaka and many more sewadars are engaged in their service round the clock. The milk of these cows is used in the Langar. The milk of these cows is giving boost to the players of sports academy and the students of Nirmal Kutiya Seechewal and the school being run on the banks of the Holy kali bein at Nirmal kutiya Sultanpur lodhi. Sant Seechewal Ji often says that it is must to safe guard the right to live for the humans and shelter them and along with the persons its helping hands, these speechless animals should also be served on priority basis by us.  To save the villages of Mand area of Sultanpur lodhi from the floods in the rivers Beas, Sutlej and Holy Kali Bein during rains, Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji's big and important role has got his name registered in the history of Punjab. Since 2008 Sant Seechewal Ji by applying more than 50 km Bundh has saved the people from the fury of the floods of these rivers. Now the Mand area is radiant with greenery of the trees and different types of crops.


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