Sant Seechewal told the pain of the people of Punjab to Health Secretary Satish Chandra

Free treatment demanded for the cancer effected people due to contaminated waters

Sultanpur lodhi 7th February
NGT constituted Supervising committee member and environment lover sant balbir Singh Seechewal met health secretary Sh. Satish Chandra and demanded from him free treatment for the people  who had been effected with the diseases due to contaminated waters. Briefing about this meeting Sant Seechewal told that he has given a demand letter to the health secretary Sh Satish Chandra, which explains about the people living near the contaminated waters of Kala Sangian drain , Buddah Nullah and Chitti Bein and are dying with cancer and other dangerous diseases.
The Punjab Government should give free treatment to those pollution effected people. Proper drinking water arrangements should be made for the people residing in these areas. He said that heavy metals have been found in the contaminated waters and in the sludge of treatment plants that contains chromium and other chemicals. These metals have become a big danger for the human health.
Sant Seechewal told that ground water is also being polluted very fast. Water of Sutlej river has already been creating big disaster since many decades. Air pollution is so much increased that it has become difficult to breathe. The people of Kala Sangian drain, Buddah Nullah and other polluted areas can not leave their homes and lands and go away. In these areas none of outiders is prepared to marry their daughters in these villages. Sant Seechewal told that Sh Satish Chandra has assured that he will seriously discuss these problems with the Punjab Government. Sh. Satish Chandra said that he along with Sant Seechewal will visit Kala Sangian drain very soon.

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