Why to pollute the rivers in the name of fabricated worship:- Sant Seechewal

We worship rivers and consider them equal to mother. Then why we are polluting them. Why not we think that by polluting them we are inviting dangerous diseases in our life. These views were expressed by Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal in the 3rd National Conference on Saraswati river organised at the Punjab University Chandigarh.   He said that its the worst habit
of the Indians that first we pollute the rivers and then we do false worship of the same rivers. Discourse conference was organised by the Saraswati Heritage Development Department and Punjab university, the experts from Archiology department and historians from India and abroad had reached. On the beginning of the conference Padma Shree Seechewal as a chief guest and others including the COO HSHD Ajit Bala Ji Joshi and PU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Raj Kumar were also present.
A dam will be made at Adi Badri, the beginning flow place of Saraswati
COO HSHD Ajit Bala Ji Joshi said that the first step to save Saraswati has been taken. The birth place of Saraswati was Uttrakhand, where the construction of dam is under consideration. Work will be started soon. After Adi Badri the symptoms of its existence are found in Yamuna Nagar and Pehova  (Kurukashetra ) in Haryana.
Sangam of Ganges -Yamuna is not possible without Saraswati.  Vice-Chancellor Prof. Raj Kumar said that we have been hearing the sangam of Ganges -Yamuna and Saraswati since our childhood. If there is no Saraswati then how the Sangam is possible. So, its origin should again take place from here.
On this occasion historian Prof Basant Shinde, Prof Javed Malik IIT Kanpur and ex scientist ISRO Dr A.K Gupta were also present. They also brought many aspects of Saraswati to the limelight.

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