Human life is based on the principle of Nature

Dedicated to the 550th Prakash Purb Gurbani Gayan and Kavi Darbar

Dedicated to the Prakash Purb of Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji a special Samagam ''Balihari Kudrat Wasiya" by Punjab Kala Parishad was organized on the banks of the Holy kali bein at Nirmal kutiya Sultanpur Lodhi.  In which Gurbani Gayan and programme on ‘Kudrat Kawan Kaha’ was arranged under the leadership of Environment Lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji and renowned poet Surjit Patar Chairman Punjab Kala Parishad Chandigarh. It was quite a natural atmosphere and clean environment on the banks of the Holy kali bein and the programme was started in the open pandal under the shadow of the beautiful trees with the melodious tunes of Rabab by Bhai Ranjodh Singh Ji Hayat Nagar. After it Dr Nivedita Singh enriched the sangats with the shabads ‘Wisakh Bhala Sakha Ves Kare’ and ‘Kaisi Aarti Hove Bhavkhandna Teri’ etc. Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shant Hajoori Ragi Shree Darbar Sahib connected the sangats with gurbani by singing 'Duniya Mukame Faani ' in Telang Raag and  Ilahi Baani.

On this occasion Dr Lakhwinder Singh Johal Secretary Punjab Kala Parishad  conducted the programme and invited the Chairman Punjab Kala Parishad Chandigarh Dr Surjit Paatar to come on the stage. On this occasion addressing the sangats Dr Paatar said that 24 programmes dedicated to 550th Prakash Purb under the name of ‘Balihari Kudrat Wasiya’ in order to connect the people to the nature through gurbani are going to be staged through out the India.
On this occasion social worker Balwinder Singh Lakhewali said that he is working on to collect information about the trees in Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji and requested Sant Seechewal to motivate the new generation who had lost their connection with the trees. He said that in Punjab a small forest should be established on such place and those plants should be planted that young generation could take information about the disregarded plants and it should be dedicated to 550th Prakash Purb. On this occasion renowned literary Amarjit Singh Garewal speaking on the format of merits and demerits said that human life is based on the principle of nature and if Person wants a good future that person should leave the pride.  He also explained about the supereme principle of the human development. On this occasion renowned poet and Environment Lover Jaswant Jafar read the page of ‘Kudrat Kavan Kaha Vichar’ and said that due to false pride we are feeling every thing is divided. He said that in the end of the 15th century and beginning of 16th century Guru nanak Dev Ji had spoken on ‘Balihari Kudrat Wasiya’ that science is talking about now.
On this occasion Environment Lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal addressing the samagam ‘Balihari Kudrat Wasiya’ said that it's great effort of Punjab Kala Parishad to arrange such samagams that are needed in the society. He said that today's Ruhani Kirtan on the banks of the Holy kali bein has created such affect that it seems that as Guru Nanak Patshah on 550th prakash purb along with Mardana with Rabab has come on the land of Sultanpur lodhi. On this occasion Sant Daya Singh Ji Tahli Sahib, Sant Amrik Singh ji Khukhrain, Sant Sukhjit Singh Ji Seechewal and other dignitaries were also present.

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