The paths are the life lines with and with their improvement fate changes:- Sant Seechewal

During the decade of 1990 the picture and the fate of the area Dona changed and its main cause was the paths Before the Karsewa of Holy Kali Bein, Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal's biggest deed was sewa of the paths. More than 800 km of land was got released from the encroachments  by Sant Seechewal and paths were made, which helped the farmers to transport their crops easily and it also helped the people of the area to travel with ease. Known as the back bone of Dona in 1994 Sant Seechewal with the cooperation of sangats after removing sand dunes in the area, made a path that is now known as Shreeman Sant Avtar Singh Ji Marg. After it under Pradhan Mantri Yojna a road was made, which helped in reducing the distance of 20 km from Lohian to Jalandhar via Talwandi Madho.

This picture you are looking is that of Talwandi Madho road full of greenery. 

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