Organic vegetables being grown up for the 550th samagams

With the motivation of Sant Seechewal the  farmers of the area are growing organic vegetables in their fields
Sultanpur lodhi, 24th July

Renowned Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal to held a meeting with the farmers of the area and motivated them to grow organic vegetables for the participating sangats during the Samagams in the forthcoming 550th prakash purb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to be organised at the pious land of Sultanpur lodhi in November. On this occasion the farmers promised to grow Halwa, Kaddu, Gaajar, Palak, Toria etc in the land of one kanal to one acre. The farmer Tega Singh even has started the work with planting the seeds of vegetables in his fields.
 On this occasion Sant Seechewal said that it's our golden chance to serve the sangats during 550th samagams. On this occasion we should increase our brotherhood with the visiting gursangats from abroad. He said that their is great enthusiasm among every individual of every village to welcome the sangats at their homes. He said that from Malsian to Lohian road and at Nihaluwal school a joint Langar of all villages will be organised. Sultanpur lodhi will also organise the Langars. the langars will be prepared in every village. Bedding set will be collected from every home for the visiting gursangats. On this occasion Sant Seechewal said that all the connecting roads to Sultanpur lodhi will be beautified and decorated with kar sewa. 
        For these pious deeds Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee of villages, Youth Clubs, Panchayats and Social Welfare Organisations should come forward to cooperate .
         On this occasion the farmers of village Seechewal, Talwandi Madho, Ahmed Pur, Chak Chela, Bada Jagir, Nihaluwal, Mehmuwal, Maalpur, Rupewal , Doda Wazir, Saroopwal, Kiliwada, Mewa Singhwala Sarai Jattan Sherpur Dona, Kotla Heran, Fauji Colony, Mahabalipur, Tashpur, Rampur Jagir and of other villages were also present.

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