NGT team issue order to not to throw contaminated waters in the Holy Kali Bein

Monitoring Committee instructions  to fix the supply of drinking water upto 135 ltr
Sultanpur lodhi, 1st August
The Monitoring Committee made under National Green Tribunal has issued instructions to fix the drinking water supply per person per day upto 135 ltr. During the meeting held under the leadership of Retd Justice Pritam Pal Committee Chairman, a special meeting with the deputy Commissioners of Jalandhar and Kapurthala districts was held at circuit house to stop the waters of Beas and Sutlej from being polluted. Committee member Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal raising the question of excess supply of drinking water said that Basti Peerdad 50 MLD treatment plant was made to run upto year 2025 but it failed upto 2016. Because supply of drinking water is being given upto 350 ltr per person in place of 135 ltr per person.
Due to which the contaminated waters problem can't be solved. Justice Pritam Pal gave instructions to the additional deputy commissioner of Jalandhar Sh Kulwant Singh and the commissioner of Jalandhar corporation Deeprwa Lakra to make appropriate arrangements to this problem. Both the officials assured to solve the problem within 15 days.
It's worth mentioning that the Niti Ayog has expressed doubts of the diminishing of water in the 5 cities of Punjab upto 2020, Jalandhar is one of them. These instructions were also given to the officials in the meeting that if the falling of contaminated waters in the drains is not stopped within fixed date then direct action will be taken against them.
Justice Pritam Pal also gave these instructions that not only treated waters will be put in the drains but it will be used for agriculture purpose also ,the officials were asked to make the arrangements for it . Justice Pritam Pal asked the DC Kapurthala to assure that polluted waters are stopped from falling in the Holy Kali Bein completely before the 550th Prakash Purb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. DC Kapurthala assured that upto September, the polluted waters will be stopped from falling in the Holy Kali Bein. On this occasion among the committee members Punjab's ex chief secretary S.C.Aggarwal, Babu Ram PPCB Chief Engineer G.S Majithia and other officials of the Corporation were also present.

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