Among the echoes of Jaikaras the breach of Janian Chahal, with the help of people filled within ten days

Sant Seechewal declared to strengthen the Dhussi Bundh from Shahkot to Lohian

Sultanpur lodhi, 2nd September
The biggest breach that occurred at Janian Chahal in Dhussi Bundh during floods in river Sutlej has been filled today morning at 5 am.  with the help of the people of Punjab and due to non stop efforts of Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal This breach was about 175 mtr broad and about 13 mtr deep. The Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh himself was having watch to complete the work of this breach. The continuous joint hard work of the thousands of the people has brought the dividends. To fill this breach the army personal, Manrega workers, social welfare jathebandian and the youths from different districts of the state have worked without sleeping in the nights. Where the army provided technical guidance there the youths from all over the Punjab worked under the leadership of Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal. To plug this Bundh in minimum time Sant Seechewal and thousands of sewadars had been doing work even in the nights. Due to which this Bundh was completed in 10 days. Flood victims have said that if there was not direct participation of the people in this bundh then it would have taken many months to complete it.
Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma told that to fill this breach about 3 lacs of soil bags has been used. The Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh himself taking interest to build this bundh had assured the nonstop supply of the stones from Pathankot and this stone was stored at village Kamaalpura and then was taken to village Janian through trolleys. Manrega workers from many villages have contributed in filling 3 lacs bags soil.

 From the day of the flood, to save the flood victims, Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal who was engaged since then told that this breach was really a big challenge. He told that it would have taken months to plug this Bundh if the nonstop work had not been done. Sant Seechewal alarming the gathered people said that to strengthen the Bundh there is a need to work continuously. He said that in case of flood the Dhussi Bundh should be strengthened in advance so that the need of compensation may not happen. He said that the work to strengthen the Dhussi Bundh from Shahkot to Lohian will be done continuously. He further added that the sewa work to make the Ring Bundh high will continue till it is in the level with Dhussi Bundh.

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