Instead of being afraid of Corona-virus we should take precautions-Sant Seechewal

42nd anniversary of Sant Lal Singh Ji celebrated with reverenceTwo ex jathedar of Akaal Takhat Sahib participated in the samagamKarsewa to build bundh at Sutlej will start from today

42th Anniversary of Shriman Sant Lal Singh Ji celebrated with reverence by the sangats  of the area at Nirmal Kutiya Seechewal. On this occasion two ex jathedar of Akaal Takht Sahib Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti and Giani Gurbachan Singh especially participated and paying homage to Sant Lal Singh Ji said that he had spent his whole life in the worship of the God. On this occasion the speakers addressing the gathering stressed on to take precautions of the epidemic Carona Virus that is spreading in the world. Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji gave brief information about carona virus and the precautions to be taken. He said that if the name of the God is mingled in our hearts then there is no need of being afraid of carona virus, only we should take proper precautios. On this occasion the hands of the visiting sangats were being cleaned with sanitizer.
Ex Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib Ji Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti who had especially come here to attend the samagam addressing the sangats said that Sant Lal Singh Ji had made the sangats of the area to be connected to the name of the God is worth acclaim. Sant Seechewal  Ji adding to his theory ‘one should do his work with his own hands’, said that the karsewa of Holy Kali Bein is the result of his theory.
Sant Seechewal referring to the going on karsewa of the Sutlej river said that the work to build bundh on Sutlej will start on 17th march. He made an appeal to the sangats to fully participate in this karsewa so that the area of Gidderpindi could be saved from floods in the future. Firstly the soil should be removed from Sutlej to make its bottom deep.
On this occasion Shahkot area MLA Hardev Singh Laadi Hardev Singh Sherowalia referring to the on going  karsewa of Sutlej, declared to give rupees one lac personally for this karsewa. He said that the positive results are visible of the big work to remove soil from the river being done under the leadership of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji.
In this Samagam, Sant Leader Singh, Sant Daya Singh Tahali Sahiab, Sant Amrik Singh Khukharain, Sant Pragat Nath, Baba Manga Singh, Sant Gurcharan Singh, Swami Vishwa Bharatiya, Jathedar Major Singh Mundi Mor, Swami Ambika Bharti, Dr. Satpreet Hari, Sant Hari Singh Rishikesh, Bhai Nirmal Singh, Baba Mahender Singh Nanaksar, Karsewak of Sant Seva Singh Khadur Sahab, Kulwinder Singh, Head of Flood Rleif Committee, NRI Ratna Singh Kakad Kalan, Harjinder Singh, Jasvindr Singh etc were present. Sant Sukhjit Singh Seechewal, who handled the stage, performed well.

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