To abide the rules of the government is our main responsibility:- Sant Seechewal

Sant Seechewal made an offer to give 70 rooms of college and school for the purpose of solitude at this time of crises

To abide the rules of the gov. is our main responsibility:- Sant Seechewal

Sultanpur Lodhi, 26th March

In order to help the Punjab at the time of Coronavirus crises, Environment lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal has made an offer. He has offered 70 rooms of Senior Secondary School and college at Seechewal to be used for solitude purpose for the virus affected people. Sant Seechewal told that Shree Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh has issued instructions to the whole sangat to open the Gurughar sarai for the coronavirus victims. He said that he has given priority to the instruction of Shree Akal Takht Sahib.

During talks with the deputy commissioner Varinder Sharma Sant Seechewal assured that during floods as he had served the people, he will help the district adminstration to tackle this world level crises. He said that he has assured the deputy commissioner that wherever his services will be required he is ready for that.
Sant Seechewal said that the youths in various villages are already spraying germicides to lessen the effect of coronavirus. Nirmal Kuiya sewadars are supplying Langar to the various villages of Sultanpur Lodhi and Seechewal areas. They had distributed masks at Seechewal and Sultanpur. On this instance he said that at the time of this epidemic, that has spread in the world some people out of greed have increased the rates of the masks and sanitizers and the poor people were not in a position to buy them. So, he made an appeal to the  people of his village Seechewal to make masks at their homes so that the masks could be provided to the needy persons.
He also made an appeal to the shop keepers and businessmen to not to increase the rates of the eatables and medicines as money will not go with them because we cannot purchase even a single breath with money. He also advised the people to abide the government's orders and to stay indoor.

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