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Sonu Sood became messiah for the migrant laborers stranded during corona virus crisis

Sant Seechewal Ji acclaimed the brotherhood gesture of the Punjab born actor:- Sonu Sood

Now, when the whole world is fighting with the corona pandemic and most of the people are siting in their houses then Bollywood actor Sonu Sood born in Punjab has came out to help the migrant laborers, 
More than 100 have also died - either in accidents or through sheer exhaustion. In this sitution he has become messiah for them who are who are stuck in this sitution. Until now he has helped more than thousand laborers to reach their home towns in Bihar and U.P. 

He has proved that brotherhood is in the blood of the Punjab people.  Now when everyone is afraid of corona, Sonu Sood is standing with the stranded laborers without caring for his life. The Punjabi’s have taken the slogan of 'welfare of all' from Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings.

Environment lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji has acclaimed Sonu Sood for his brotherhood gesture. He said that we should not be afraid of corona virus rather be alert and sould come forward to help the needy persons. He also said that our governments sould make proper plans for the needs and the survival of the poor laborers. In reality our economy depends on these workers. Our motto should be to eliminate the poverty not the poor.

It's worth mentioning that Sant Seechewal Ji has been engaged in distributing masks and food to the needy persons of his area through his sewadars since the beginning of the lock down.

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