Asked for cooperation in raising the income of the farmers....

Joint Director of The Agriculture department had a meeting with Environment Lover Sant Seechewal

Sant Seechewal stressed on to encourage joint farming

Profit of subsidies for common farmers

Sultanpur Lodhi, 18th July

In order to raise the farmers income and to encourage the farmers for the agriculture connected professions the Joint Director of the Agriculture Department Development and Education Dr. Gurwinder Singh Khalsa had a special meeting with Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal today. In this meeting with Dr. Gurwinder Singh Khalsa, Sant Seechewal suggested that in Punjab, joint agriculture should be encouraged and the government should grant subsidized and low rate loans to the farmers and those should be deposited directly to their accounts. He said that the benefit of the subsidies being given by the government is not reaching the common farmers. Sant Seechewal said that with the joint agriculture the burden of the expenses will be less and brotherhood among them will increase. He said that we are ready to provide every type of cooperation to strengthen the sources of increasing the income of the farmers.
The Joint Director of the agriculture department Dr. Gurwinder Singh Khalsa apprised Sant Seechewal with the government schemes Aatma, Farmer Producer Organization and Self-Help Group etc being run for the farmers. He asked Sant Seechewal's cooperation to get positive results of the schemes and to make the farmers aware of the schemes.
He said that since 1991, with the cooperation of farmers, karsewa of the paths, karsewa of the Holy Kali Bein, karsewa strengthening the bundh during floods and other historic tasks done till now have changed the picture and destiny of the area. Burden on the pockets of the farmers of the dozens of villages has lessen with the use of treated contaminated waters for the crops. More than one lac acres of land of the farmers has become free of sem(Drought) and floods since two decades. In the field of Environment Sant Seechewal Ji has risen honorable guide and savior of the nature in the country and abroad. On this occasion he asked the farmers to plant herbal plants around their fields and motors. The farmers of Punjab should be inspired to grow maize, sugarcane fruit gardens and organic vegetables and they should get proper rates for their crops.
 Sant Seechewal told that the karsewa of the Holy Kali Bein in fact has been helpful in saving the agriculture. He said due to the continued flow of Bein, the crops have started growing in about one lac acres of land in the area of Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala districts. Due to sem in the lands of the villages around the Bein in Hoshiarpur no crop was growing. With the cleaning of the Bein sem was finished and the crops started growing. Same way in the area of Kapurthala due to non-availability of water stage of draught had become. As per government records the ground water level has come up with the cleaning of the Bein. Contaminated waters of the villages and the cities after treating with the Seechewal Model is being used for agriculture and that has resulted in saving fertilizer and the ground water for the farmers.

The agriculture officer also saw that pond at village Seechewal whose treated water was being utilized for agriculture purpose. Same way with the Seechewal Model the treated water of the ponds in about 150 villages of Punjab is being utilized for agriculture purpose. He also supervised the work of recharging of the fields water in the field, the machine that arrange solid waste, nursery, Nanak Hutt, Avtar Radio and other environment connected works. On this occasion he had with him agriculture officer Kapurthala Dr. Gurdeep Singh, Block Technology manager Sultanpur Lodhi, Gurwinder Singh Boparai, Parminder Kumar, Jaspal Singh, Sucha Singh and others were also present.

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