Continuously for 550 minutes shabad kirtan was sung by the Kirtani Jatha


Shabad-e -Naad echoes for the first time on the banks of the Holy Bein

Continuously for 550 minutes shabad kirtan was sung by the Kirtani Jatha

Sultanpur Lodhi, 15th September

Dedicated to 550th Prakash Purb, on the banks of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's feet touched Holy Kali Bein Shabad-e-Naad was held for the first time. Kirtani Jatha continually for 550 minutes kirtan on the ragas of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was held. Special effort to organize the Shabad-e-Naad was done by the Rababi Kirtani Jatha of Bhai Navjodh Singh and Bhai Ranjodh Singh and was dedicated to 550th Prakash Purb of Guru Nanak Sahib Patshah Ji. It started with 'Asa Di War'at 5 AM and continued to 4 PM. Its live relay was done on the social media. On this occasion Bhai Ranjodh Singh and Bhai Navjodh Singh said that the main purpose of Shabad-e-Naad is to bring revolution in the Rababi Stream started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Shabad-e-Rabab Kirtani Jatha have a dream of this Rababi Revolution and this is its beginning round and their dream is to take Rabab to every village. During this with the blessings of Satguru with rabab, dilruba and nizam they did kirtan sewa. They said that the organization of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji has been doing the human services on the determination of the gurbani, "Wich Dunia Sev Kamia Ta Dargah Baisan Paye". They said that this voice of rabab revolution should reach every home through you.

While addressing the samagam Sant Seechewal Ji where as praised such holy task there also he said that people of the day are going away from guru di baani.Our guru sahiban who had given us the message to mingle with the nature of the almighty, we are polluting that nature. It resulted in this that where as we had polluted our air and our food there also we are destroying the future of our coming generations. We have also forgot our hertage music instruments of spirituality that our gurus have taken from Dhur Dargahon. The people of the day know little about the rabab on which Guru Nanak Dev Ji started kirtan. He said that someone may do PhD or research but if we are going away from our duties towards our history ,heritage and nature, its main cause is to go away from Gurbani and its distress is being faced by the whole world. He said that to fulfill the dream of Bhai Sahib we should take the rabab of Baba Nanak to every home and let our children to know its history. He said for the beginning we are starting the learning of rabab at Sant Avatar Singh Yaadgari College and we request Ragi Singh's that we will purchase rababs for the children but you will teach them. On this occasion Sant Sukhjeet Singh Seechewal, Gurwinder Singh Boparai, Gurdeep Singh, Amrik Singh, Jathedar Baldev Singh, Satnam Singh, Tarlok Singh, Daya Singh etc were also present. The sangats of the nation and abroad also registered their presence through live relay of the samagam. Sant Seechewal Ji honored the visiting ragi Singh's.

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