Who is writing the destiny of the destruction of the farmers.?

A chance came to visit Malwa when the whole Punjab was fully burning up with the Farmers Movement. On 7th October a team of the Seechewal Times on the inspiration of Drishti Foundation Canada and Ek Onkar Seechewal Trust has gone to search the possibilities of providing clean waters in the schools of Malwa. There is a big difference in the conditions of the villages of Malwa and Doaba. Still today the streets of Malwa are raw and the people are compelled to live in the hell. A big difference is seen in the thinking and politics of the people of Malwa. If we look into the Punjab politics the ruling power has always been with Malwa.

The Chief Ministers might have been from Malwa. Even after 70 years of freedom Sem has not left the lives of the people of Malwa or the ruling parties have made Sem a live issue in the vote politics. If we do have a talk on Doaba, Environment lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji with the cooperation of sangats by starting karsewa in 2000  from origin place Dhanoa reaching Ahli Kalan and Sultanpur Lodhi, has made the thousands acres of land free from sem and floods in the area. Sant Seechewal Ji with the participation of the people did work through karsewa whereas in Malwa the political leaders with their vote politics made the lives of the common people and farmers hell rather than making their lives prosperous. In Malwa sem is not a big problem, there is a need of good intentions and planning.

Two faces of one Punjab Destruction and Prosperity 


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