why these milk yielding cows ultimately comes in the category of stray animals, this is a big question:- Sant Seechewal


Punjab Gau Sewa Commission organized Animals Welfare Camp at Avtar Gaushala

Avtar Gaushala, a big effort to save the stray and helpless animals:- Dr. Bedi

Left stranded cows have started yielding milk at the Gaushala:- Sant Seechewal

Sultanpur Lodhi, 3rd March

Punjab Gau Sewa Commission under Animal Husbandry Department Kaputhala organized animals welfare camp at Avtar Gaushala Fatehwal Mund. Deputy director Animal Husbandry Deptt. Dr. G. S. Bedi and Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji reached here as Chief Guests. On this occasion an exhibition on fruitful feed and medicines for the animals was held, from that they donated needed medicines worth 25000 to Avtar Gaushala.


Sant Seechewal Ji took the visiting doctors team on the round of Avtar Gaushala. On this occasion Sant Seechewal Ji informed them that the stray animals on the roads often have been becoming the cause of accidents. Many invaluable lives have been lost in these stray animals involved road accidents. On this occasion Sant Seechewal Ji said that why these milk yielding cows ultimately comes in the category of stray animals, this is a big question. Until the cow give milk, it is kept in the homes and is served well. When it stops yielding milk then it is left on the roads stealthily. Stray cows have become a big problem but its proper solution is not made. To give relief to the historic town of Sultanpur Lodhi from these stray cows, a decision was taken to take care of these cows with the cooperation of the sangats. Started with one stray cow, Avtar Gaushala has now more than 200 cows stranded by the people. with the selfless sewa of the sewadars and sangats, these cows are now yielding milk.

Seeing the selfless sewa of Sant Seechewal Ji, Dr. Bedi said that by making Avtar Gaushala at light less village of Fatehwal, Mund area of Sultanpur Lodhi, Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji has made Mund worth seeing. The cows left stranded by the people in the area of Sultanpur Lodhi and get hurt by striking with vehicles in and around the city are taken to Avtar Gaushala and served well after treatment. Sant Seechewal Ji by doing every type of social welfare whole heatedly, has become a source of inspiration to the World.

Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji honored the visiting team of the doctors with Siropas. On this occasion Asstt. Director Dr. R. P. Singh, Dr. Balwinder Singh, Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Jaskirat Singh, Mohan Lal, Satwinder Singh, Manjinder Singh, Rupinderjit Singh, Dharamvir Sharma, Sukhjit Singh Kabirpur, Gurdev Singh Fauji, Baba Kewal Singh, Chranjit Singh Channa, Ram Singh, Gulab Singh, Baag Singh, Lehmbar Singh and others were also present.

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