Honored with 'Faith For Earth Counselor 2021' award for the unique works done in the field of environment

United Nations Environment program honored Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji 

Seechewal, 3rd June 

Two big dignitaries of Punjab, Padma shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and Padma Shree Sant Sewa Singh Khadoor Sahib has been honored with 'Faith For Earth Counselor- 2021 award under the United Nations Environment program. Under the United Nations Environment Program, 18 dignitaries and institutions of the nation have been honored. This program was organized online by Srishti and Joint Religious Inspiration on the worsening condition of the environment of the nation, under United Nations Environment Program.

On this occasion Executive Director United Religion Initiative Sh. Swami Aditya Nand Saraswati said that this time is very critical on the environmental front. The air in the most of small and big cities of the nation has been badly polluted. It's very difficult for the people to breath in these places.Rivers and the streams of the nation are becoming dry. On this occasion he especially mentioned the karsewa of 165 km long Holy Kali Bein, done by Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal. He said that an example for the nation has been set by cleaning a river with the participation of the people. With it a way out has been found to clean the other polluted rivers of the nation. Same way Sant Sewa Singh Ji had started the compaign of planting the trees on large scale and its results are before our eyes. The decline in the area of the forests is a matter of great worry. Sant Seechewal expressing his views on this occasion said that with the reuse of the used water under Seechewal Model saves underground water. This Model is being used to clean the biggest river of the nation, Ganges but results are not coming out as expected.

United Nations Environment head of the Indian Office while participating online said that Covid like pandemic are a nature's message for us and are the result of our playing with the nature for the last many decades. He said that now it's the need of the time to perform our duty towards nature jointly and the religious based institutions can give big contribution towards it. On this occasion Dr. Iyad Mogli, Arushi Nishank and other spokespersons expressed great worry over the worsening condition of the Environment and gave the message to make joint efforts to save air,water and the Earth.

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