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Sant Seechewal invites people to make Punjab lush green during rainy season

Sant Seechewal invites people to make Punjab lush green during rainy season
Sultanpur Lodhi, 6th June
On the occasion of World Environment Day the plantation work in the five villages, under the leadership of Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji has been started today. Participating in this compaign, the students of Sant Avtar Singh Yaadgari College did plantation in their respective villages. Dedicated to the 400th Prakash Purb of Shree Guru Teg Bahudar Ji, 400 plants will be planted in every village.
Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji today celebrated World Environment Day with plantation on the banks of 165 km long Holy Bein that was cleaned with the cooperation of the sangats. The villages where plants were planted by the sewadars are Talwandi Madho, Seechewal, Sherpur Dona,Ahmedpur and Sultanpur Lodhi. Sant Seechewal invites the people to make the Punjab lush green by planting plants on large scale during this rainy season. He said that the plants are being distributed at Seechewal Nursery free of charge. He said that compaign of plantation at all villages and at joint places in the area will be started. He said that the air and water of Punjab has been polluted and the Earth has become poisonous. He said that there is a need to act jointly to come out of this crisis. There is a need to recharge the underground water to save the natural resources of water from getting polluted.

Sewadars are already taking care of the plants planted earlier under the leadership of Sant Seechewal Ji. These plants are now at blooming stage. The most of the roads in the area of Seechewal and Sultanpur Lodhi have changed into soothing tunnels. Every village is looking lush green.
Sant Seechewal has been doing plantation in the area for the last 21 years. The traditional plants are being provided to the whole Punjab free of cost from the Seechewal Nursery. According to the need of the time an App "Rukh" for the people was also introduced during 550th Prakash Purb of Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Through which the sangats can book their plants.Through this App the record is also being maintained that how seriously the people are taking care of the plants.

Sant Seechewal said that the humans have destructed the nature of the almighty on large scale. Many types of aquatic creatures, birds,animals and vegetation have eloped form this Earth due to change in the environment. With this molestation humans are dying due to dangerous diseases. Now there is a big disturbance in the human lives due to Corona Pandemic. Only first Salok of Shree Guru Granth Sahib Ji is fully capable to save us from this dangerous situation and from the global warming. 


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Day is not far away when people will carry with them Oxygen Cylinder while going out..!!! Increasing air pollution in the whole world has made the life of every person miserable. In India the condition is worsening day by day. If we talk about the capital of India, Delhi, here for the last 2 months circumstances have become like health emergency. Along with it the atmosphere of whole nation has gone worst. If we talk about the air quality since 2015 till now its average quality index for the last three years is about 400. Among the 20 most polluted cities of the world 14 cities alone are that of India. Kanpur is on the top in this list. After it Faridabad, Varanasi, Goa, Patna, Delhi and seven such big cities are serial wise most polluted. Under such circumstances people are compelled to wear masks while going out of their homes ,there also they are becoming prey to lungs cancer like dangerous diseases. Some time before the health experts have made the study of the affect