Water level of Holy Kali Bein on the rise due to heavy rains in Doaba


Water level of Holy Kali Bein on the rise due to heavy rains in Doaba

Hyacinth herbs become the main cause of the floods every time

The work of removing the hyacinth by Sant Seechewal Ji alongwith the karsewaks is going on

Sultanpur Lodhi, 1st Aug

Keeping in view the continued heavy rains in the last few days the karsewa of removing the hyacinth from the Holy Kali Bein ,by the Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji is going on. Due to heavy rains the water level of the 165 km long Babe Nanak Di Bein has increased at Sultanpur Lodhi. That has resulted in a big loss to the farmers at many places and at some places the water has touched the fields. The hyacinth on large scale has struck under the bridges in the Bein and that is being removed by the machines and boats by Sant Seechewal Ji alongwith the karsewaks.

On this occasion Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji said that he alongwith sewadars and with the cooperation of sangats has been engaged in removing the hyacinth for the last many years. He said that this hyacinth becomes the main cause of the floods during rainy season. Due to stoppage of water due to this hyacinth the farmers have to suffer great loss of the crops every time. He told that the machines engaged in this continuous work are using diesel of rupee 20 to25 thousand daily. This sewa is being run with the cooperation of the sangats.

During this Sant Seechewal Ji took a view of Kanjli, Subhanpur, Bhawanipur, Gurdwara Sant Ghat, Gurdwara Ber Sahib and the bridges near Busowal, where hyacinth struck every year. He made an appeal to the administration officials and the villagers to remove the hyacinth instead of moving that farther. He told that earlier there were 3 bridges in Sultanpur Lodhi and it was easy to remove the hyacinth but with the addition of 3 platoon bridges and 4 other bridges on 550th Prakash Purb now there are total 10 bridges, due to this it has become difficult to remove the hyacinth from 10 bridges. Sant Seechewal Ji told that if 250 to 300 cusick of waters go on flowing in the Bein through out the whole year then this hyacinth problem cannot arise.

It's worth mentioning that Sant Seechewal with the cooperation of the sangats has taken the charge of removing the hyacinth at 3 places for the last few days. After removing the hyacinth from near Gurdwara Sant Ghat now this karsewa is going on the bridges near Gazipur,Harnampur and the bridges at Khera Dona village, so that the hyacinth might not struck under the new bridges of Sultanpur Lodhi.


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