Invitation to save the deepening waters of Punjab


20 years of karsewa completed.....

21st anniversary of the karsewa of the Holy Bein Celebrated

Invitation to save the deepening waters of Punjab

An appeal to make the Environment the main issue during Assembly Elections :- Sant Seechewal

Sultanpur Lodhi, 25th July

On the occasion of 21st anniversary of the karsewa of the Baba Nanak's feet touched Holy Bein, the guide to the polluted rivers of the nation, anxiety was expressed over the deepening of the waters and drying rivers of the Punjab. All the speakers unilaterally

decided to take joint action to save the rivers and streams from being polluted.

Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji praised the contribution of the sangats in the selfless karsewa of 21 years. He said  that the karsewa has attracted attention of the environment lovers of the world towards it but it's regretting that even after 21years the contaminated waters are still falling in the Holy Bein. He made an appeal to plant the plants in every corner of the land of Punjab during rainy season. When the contaminated waters started to fall in the rivers then the humans went on to become prey to the diseases. Sant Seechewal Ji said that the farmers should be given subsidies to save the water. He said that during 2022 Assembly Elections, the people should make the Environment the main issue. They should vote those people who would provide clean air and water to our children. During 2and wave of Corona, people were compelled to purchase oxygen on very high costs. Therefore more and more trees should be planted.

A national level expert in agricultural issues Davinder Sharma said that in Punjab the water crises is becoming a big problem. To grow one kg of rice 5000 ltr of water is consumed. We have to save Punjab from becoming Rajasthan. Such policies are being made in the world that are going to harm the environment. The climate changing in the world is affecting our lives. The worse affect is due to rise in green house gasses. He said that 50 years green revolution might have enriched the country but it has given a great loss to the farmers.

Many of the farmers have committed suicides in Maharashtra and Punjab.The grains that we purchase and more than 3 times we harm the environment. Mentioning the struggle of the farmers at the doors of Delhi, Davinder Sharma said that the farmers in a very light way are hold responsible for polluting the environment but nobody talks about the wrong policies. He said that Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal is a down to earth person that with his 20 years glorious historic work has given a new meaning to the karsewa in Punjab.

Senior journalist Khushhal Lally said that the state cannot be saved until paddy crop does not go out of Punjab. He said that air,water and earth Earth have become a business. None can play with the nature by making bundhs on the rivers to produce electricity. He said that this all is related to the human rights issue.Reffering to the karsewa of the Holy Bein he said that  the philosophy of Kadar di kudrat that Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave us, the people of have seen it through karsewa of the Bein.

the people have seen it materializing through karsewa of the Bein

Sultanpur Lodhi Legislator Navtej Singh Cheema said that it's the last 20 years untiring struggle of Sant Seechewal Ji that the people from whole nation and abroad are today coming to visit this place. The existing awareness amongst the people is the example of the karsewa of the Holy Kali Bein by Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji and the important contribution of the sangats towards it.

On this occasion Sant Jagjit Singh of Lopo addressing the sangats said that if the 15000 farmers of Punjab plant five plants each on their tube wells then 75 lacks trees would enrich the Punjab with greenery.

Dr.Nirmal Singh Lambda said that 21 years Karsewa has changed the look of Punjab. When 21 years ago the karsewa was started at Sultanpur Lodhi it was the dirtiest place. He said that the philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is welfare of all.

On this occasion Shree Mahant Giani Gian Dev Singh Ji of Nirmala Panchayti Akhada Kankhal, Budhi Chand Samprada Head Sant Avtar Singh Sur Singh Wala,Shree Akal Takht Sahib Ex Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji,Gurdwara Gursar Sant Leader Singh's Sewadars, Sant Gurmej Singh Saidrana Sahib, Sant Gurbachan Singh Panwan wale, Sant Baldev Krishan Singh, Baba Paramjit Singh Nauli, Legislator Hardev Singh Laddi Sherowalia of Shahkot area, Sant Sukhjit Singh, Surjit Singh Shantti, Jarnail Singh Gadhdiwala,Sajjan Singh Cheema,Rattan Singh Kaakad Kalan,Harjinder Singh Seechewal were also present. On this occasion plants were given as prasad.

Where Raagi Jatha Nirmal Kutiya raagi Tajinder Singh Sarpanch and the students of Sant Avtar Singh Yaadgari college performed melodious kirtan there also the little children of Sant Avtar Singh Yaadgari school also enriched the sangats with their melodious shaved kirtan. Attoot Guru Ka Langar was also served. Gatka team under the leadership of Gatka Coach also performed their Gatka arts in a very impressive way.

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