Sant Seechewal congratulated the Indian Hockey Team


Harike Singh and Mandeep Singh the members of the Tokyo Victorious Team had been playing hockey at Seechewal village

Sant Seechewal congratulated the Indian Hockey Team

Sultanpur Lodhi, 06 Aug

The players of Mithapur who have come out Victorious with flying colors at Tokyo Astroturf have been playing at small village grounds and have been taking part in the small hockey competitions. After installation of Astroturf at village Seechewal, Hardik Singh and Mandeep Singh have been playing in the hockey competitions. Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji congratulating the Indian Hockey Team on winning the bronze medal said that with the cooperation of Pargat Singh the then sports director, a big piece of Astroturf was installed at village Seechewal. Ex DPI of Seechewal college told that the players of Mithapur Academy had been taking part in the Seechewal Hockey competitions and Hardik Singh and Mandeep Singh had players had also been participating, those who have come up with flying colors at Tokyo Olympics. Sant Seechewal said that the Indian players don't lack any thing, the corers of money that is now being announced for the players after winning if this money had been spent earlier on necessary equipment for their practice then the number of the medals have been much more. He added that to announce prize money for their encouragement is must but such amounts are needed for their training. He asked the Central and State governments to increase the sports budgets as the foreign governments do for their players. He said that the people give preference to cricket but today the victory in hockey has proved that there is no shortage of hockey fans in India, only there is a need to give proper honor and necessary equipment to the players.

With the installation of the astroturf at village Seechewal Sant Seechewal Ji has been encouraging the players of the area to play India's favorite game of hockey. This is the only game that has brought laurel  to India by winning 12 Olympic medals. Our players can do much better if the needed facilities are given to them.

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