Challenges of Environmental Pollution and its Solutions.

The year 2019 will be a memorable year because of the forthcoming 550th Prakash Purb of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on 12th November. The gursangats are waiting eagerly for the Samagams to be celebrated during this year. 500th Prakash Purb of Guru nanak Dev Ji the founder of the Sikh religion was celebrated in Sultanpur Lodhi in 1969 and there have been lot of changes during 50 years to this Prakash Purab. During these 50 years the downfall in the environment is the biggest challenge. These 50 years, human development has played with the nature to such extent that big changes can be seen from hill peaks to to the oceans. Means due to global warming the snow laden peaks of the hills have melted and the increase in the level of the sea, many islands in the low lying areas have drowned in the sea. If such behavior continues then low lying nations will become prey to the sea. These are the big changes which are visible in the world and its affect is also visible. During these 50 years, what the Punjabis have lost in the Punjab, that is also a matter of worry. Sutlej river known as the life line of the Punjab has become so much disastrous with the poisonous waters that the world of aquatic species had eloped. Ground water is decreasing very fast. The water level of tube Wells for agriculture has gone below 1200 ft. at some places. to play with the water resources to such extent is to go away from the teachings of Baba Nanak. The condition of the Punjab rivers have become so bad, and to give halt to it the National Green Tribunal has played a big role. The NGT in 2018 had given a historical verdict on polluting the rivers water and fined the Punjab Government for rupees 50 crores. This decision is historic because of this reason that till now the water resources were being polluted openly but no action was taken anywhere. To stop the pollution of Punjab rivers and ground waters the changing governments have done nothing rather have been silent spectators. NGT has fined some other states with the amount double than that of Punjab, means even upto 100 crores. Delhi and Tamil naddu are such states that have been ordered to pay 100-100 crores. It's matter of observation that why the condition has become so bad that the NGT was compelled to enforce such heavy fines. Now the people of the nation are looking forward to the decisions of the NGT and waiting for the works being done by them speedily. NGT has come into formation only before two decades means 20 years. The parliament has stamped Green Tribunal Act in the year 2000. The preparations for its origin was initiated in 1992 at Rio Janeiro conference organized by UNO. After Australia and Newzealand India is the 3rd country which has established such organization to control the pollution and to solve the disputes concerning the environment in a solid way. The motive behind the establishment of the NGT was to solve the environment concerning issues speedily. NGT has been instructed to solve its cases within 6 months. NGT has been advised to establish its courts at 5 places in India. Its head office is at Delhi and other offices are at Bhopal, Pune, Colcutta and Chennai. NGT has been dealing strictly for some time. To stop pollution in Delhi hard decisions have been made, NGT has to fine Delhi with 100 crores. Same way Tamilnadu was also fined with 100 crores. Punjab was fined rupees fifty crores. Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal does not consider this fine a permanent solution for the pollution of the rivers. He is of the view to remove the drawbacks in the system. His question is that why those people who are responsible for such circumstances are not brought before the court of law. 

We will have to take pledge to fight the challenges of environment in 2019 and to act on the 'Baani of Baba Nanak' on the occasion of 550th Prakash Purb, only then there will be a positive impact on the celebration of big samagams.

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