Respect the water like a father,...

The land of five rivers Punjab is weeping bitterly on its condition that its inhabitants have choosen   the way of suicide by making its water poisoness.
Punjab will only survive if water are saved our corning generation will have a prosperous life.
Only Answer to this unsolved puzzle is shown by Baba Nanak’s Holy Bein.
By Blocking the fall of contaminated water and removing the solid waste upto 6 ft stored in the bottom, Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal has barred the white sandy bottom of the Holi Bein. Due to it the water level being recharged has risen in meters .
The formula of Sant Seechewal of recharging the water of Fields in the fields itself will play an important role in saving the Agriculture in Punjab.
To go 1200 ft down in search of water is a signal of disaster of Punjab.
So be aware,,,,,

 Save Water Save Punjab.  

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