The fish had also died in the Sutlej river a long time ago but Sutlej at that time media was not as active as it is now....

Sant Seechewal invites the Saints to contribute effectively to make Punjab rivers pollution free.
Sant Avtar Singh’s 30th Barsi celebrated with great fervor at Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal.
Strict Action must be taken against those who are mixing poisonous elements in the Sutlej.
Nirmal Panth’s great contribution to Sikh Religion:- Shrimahant Gyan Dev Ji.

 Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal invites the all Saints of Punjab to collectively raise a voice against the Punjab Waters that are becoming poisonous. While addressing the Saints who had come from whole of Punjab to attend the 30th Barsi of Sant Avtar Singh at Nirmal Kuteya Seechewal, Sant Seechewal Said that as regarding waters Punjab is today undergoing a great crises. He also took the accord of the Saints on the stage to fight collectively against the contaminated waters.

  Sant Seechewal also making an appeal to Govt. Said that upto forthcoming 550th Parkash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev JI in 2019 all the rivers of Punjab can be made pollution free and Punjab can be made lush Green. He also appealed the Saints present in the Smagam to start a mission to plant trees in the all 12500 villages of Punjab. The motors should be installed on the village ponds and waters should be used for irrigation and the Govt. should install motor on the ponds free of cost.
     On this occasion Sant Seechewal offerd his reverence to Sant Avtar Singh that Sant Avtar Singh had done a great favor to the Sangats by connecting them to Gurbani and Education. Spreading of Gurbani has helped to overcome the social evils to some extent.
    Referring to the incident of the mixing of Sheera of Chadha Sugar mill in the Beas river he said that it  has attracted the attention towards the Punjab waters getting poisonous, he termed it as a great crime and said that in the Sutlej river of Punjab Chemicals and poisonous elements are being put directly in the waters. The poisonous water of Sutlej is causing cancer and black jaundice in Malwa and Rajasthan. He Said that strict action should be taken against the people who are making the Sutlej water poisonous as it is done against the Beas river culprits.

     He Said that Budha Nallah of Ludhiana, Chitti Bein, Kala Sanghian drain’s poisonous water are falling in the Sutlej river. He Said that the fish had also died in the Sutlej river a long time ago but Sutlej at that time media was not as active as it is now. He said that the sacrifice of dead fish in Beas river will be not go unnoticed now.
   Sant Seechewal said that if Punjab waters are to be saved then all political parties will have to act collectively on this issue. Punjab waters are decreasing day by day. Rivers are becoming poisonous. Ground water is also getting poisonous. There is a need to preserve rain water but no solid arrangement is made. Sant Seechewal said that solution to all these problems is there. He said that treatment plants in every city and village of Punjab should be installed and already installed treatment plants should be run properly.

  On this occasion head Shrimahant Gyan Dev Singh of Nirmala Panchyati Akhara Kankhal Haridwar said that there had been a big role of Nirmala Panth towards development of Sikh religion form the very beginning. He while praising Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal said that under the leadership of Sant Seechewal great works in the area of Environment and eduction had been accomplished.


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