Burning of the stubble, a big cause of Air pollution ....

Burning of the stubble, a big cause of Air pollution has become a burning issue for the administration – Sant Seechewal.
             Environment lover Padma Shree Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal has been emphasizing on to not to burn the stubble in the fields for the last many years. Although the Punjab Pollution Control Board has warned the farmers that if the stubble is burnt in the fields they will be fined according to their land holdings, but it is matter of great worry that burning of stubble is still going on. As till now 125 incidents of stubble burning have been reported so far in Punjab and it can also increase as harvesting of paddy crops is delayed due to unexpected rains. The government might have made stubble management programs like supplying of equipment for situ paddy management to the farmers. But the farmers are not adopting these measures. They have their own reasons that they are to plant wheat after paddy harvesting which could be delayed.     

            Sant Seechewal said that until some permanent solution is found it will go on like this. He added that switching over to some other crops is the best solution to this problem. We can save water by this method and also the air pollution to some extent. 

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