That place where there is a relationship with nature like brothers and sisters

If you will bind the trees with the thread of brotherly love then they will also protect you

Rakhi of Sultanpur Lodhi, that gives the message to mingle with the nature

Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji from Sultanpur Lodhi saying ' Na Koi Hindu Na Musalmaan' , first of all talked about humanity. On this place, flowing Holy Kali Bein is connected to Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji in relationship. Here on this place Shree Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to visit sister Nanaki, whenever she remembered. Story of the relationship of sisters and brothers is world famous.

In this connection the residents of the area bind rakhi to the trees standing on the banks of the Holy Kali Bein on the day of Rakshabandhan. Considering the trees as brothers, more than 15000 trees have been planted on the Holy Kali Bein. Before year 2000 the Kali Bein was not less than a dirty drain. Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji and the all gursangats reinstate it again as a river. After 15 years untiring hard work 165 km long river was cleaned up. This is an example of people's power (Lok Lehar) in the Punjab. Started on 16th July 2000 this sewa has now completed 20 years in July 2020. The president of India late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has considered it one of the greatest work in the field of environment. In order to see the affect of this work he himself came to Sultanpur Lodhi for the first time on 16th August 2006.
During this karsewa, sewadar Gurwinder Singh Boparai of Nirmal Kutiya Seechewal told that this custom of celebrating the 'Kudarti Rakhri' started in 2005. This day of rakhri falls in the month of Sawan. Monsoon season is the appropriate time for the plantation. This way we started nurturing the plants. On the day of Rakhi the sisters at the Kali Bein celebrating the Rakhi festival with Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji bind rakhi to the trees and also take the plants to their house. Every year this custom of nature message is continually going on.
In the village Chakchela its effect is visible in the fields of Sohan Singh Shah. There are about 300 trees in the house and fields of Sohan Singh. The trees of sheesham are especially among these trees. At Talwandi Madho Mohinder Singh Sandhu had got planted about 700 trees in his
village. Among these trees
Sukhchain, Arjun and Manokamini Kalian are the main plants. Near Talwandi Madho at village Ahmedpur Gurwinder Singh has planted about 100 trees in their house. Fruit trees, herbal and shadow trees are main among them. This year due to corona, Sant Seechewal has made an appeal to the sisters to celebrate the Rakhi festival keeping in mind the social distance. He gave message to take fruit in place of sweets while visiting the sisters and to plant trees in their houses.
Keeping in view the healthy kitchens of the sistets, Gurwinder Singh Boparai has grown 500 kari pata plants at Nirmal Kutiya Sultanpur Lodhi, so that during the time of Corona virus, awareness about healthy herbal plants can be increased. These plants have been distributed to the sisters as a gift. According to Gurwinder, village Chak Kotla panchayat has planted 200 kari pata plants on the roads of the village.

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