Due to enforced bundh on the drain by Pakistan, the contaminated waters made destruction in the border villages of Fazilka


Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and the officials of Punjab Pollution control Board made a visit

Even the drinking water is not available to the people of the border villages

It looks we are not the part of Punjab and India:- Sarpanch Jamsher Muhar

Sultanpur Lodhi,3rd July

Punjab Pollution control Board and NGT member renowned Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji today made a visit to more than 12 villages including Jamesher Muhar, Thehkalandar of Fazilka district, that is surrounded by Pakistan from three sides. This is the area where the contaminated waters of 5 cities of Malwa accumulates through 22 sem drains. This accumulates water further goes to Pakistan through disposal Drain. This water being contaminated is stopped by Pakistan by making a bundh on the Drain. Due to which the villages Sureshwala, Jamsher Muhar, Awa, Kabul Shah, Noor Mohamad Guhrami, Mubaka, Muhar Sona etc about 12 villages are suffering due to the contaminated waters. In these villages due to spreading of contaminated waters in the area of 15 km and development of sem the conditions are miserable and pitiable. The people of these villages say that even the clean drinking water is not available to them. Event the samples of underground water taken at different times by the government officials have failed. Due to these contaminated waters even the underground water of more than 12 villages is not worth drinking.

When Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji along with Punjab PPCB Xian. Ramandeep Singh reached at these border villages then Sarpanch Sawinder Singh of village Awa told that the contaminated waters without treatment of districts Moga, Ferozpur, Faridkot, Muktsar and Malout accumulates in our villages  through 22 different sem drains. Due to which the underground water has become contaminated and the agriculture of these villages has been destroyed. Canal water for agriculture is only available for 6 months. The people of more than 12 villages are longing for clean water for drinking. He said that they feel that they are not the part of Punjab and India. He said that till now none of the governments has come forward to help us.

On this occasion Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji assured the people of the border villages that all have a right to live a clean and tidy life. your rights of living will be taken care of. He said that this issue will be soon brought into the notice of the government and solved. He said that he will raise this problem in the notice of the officials during the forthcoming meetings of Punjab pollution control Board and NGT.

On the invitation of the village residents Sant Seechewal Ji while visiting the pond of village Theh Kalandar said that instead of putting the village in the sem drains, it will be more useful for farming by treating it under Seechewal Model.

On this occasion Sarpanch Shaminder Singh of village Awa, Surjewala's Sarpanch Sudhir Kumar, Mubaka's Sarpanch Jagtar Singh, Guhrami's Sarpanch Joginder Singh,Hakam Singh  ex SDO Fazilka,Rajinder Singh Dharangwala,Bhagwan Singh Barar,Lovepreet Singh Sekhon,Sulakhan Singh,Palwinder Singh,Fauza Singh, Bhola Singh,Sarpanch Gurnam Singh, Sahib Singh, Kirpal Singh, Makiat Singh, Surjit Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Bohad Singh,Nirmal Singh, Jagdish Singh etc were also present.

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