Sultanpur Lodhi acquired glory in the world through the book naming "Shining Sikh Youth Of India"

The story of courage shown by Gatka Coach Gurwinder Kaur is specifically mentioned in the book

Sultanpur Lodhi, 2nd July

Inclusion of the name of Gurwinder Kaur in the book "Shining Sikh Youth Of India" dedicated to 400 Prakash Purb of Shree Guru Teg Bahadar Ji has not brought glory only to the area but it has also brought laurel to Punjab. She has changed the lives of the children and youths of India and abroad by teaching them the art of Gatka and by connecting them to the Sikhism. These words were expressed by the present Sants and Mahanpuash, when the book "Shining Sikh Youth of India" written by Dr. Prabhleen Singh of Punjabi University Patiala was released for the Sikh sangats. This book includes heart touching facts about patience, courage, struggle and hard work of 200 top Youth Sikh Heroes to achieve success in their careers. They have brought glory to the Sikh Religion by dominating in their fields education, sports, business, medical, entertainment, executive, judiciary, media, social service, IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and others.

 Inclusion of the name of Gatka Coach Gurwinder Kaur  Kaur of Holy City Sultanpur Lodhi in this book, giving Gatka Coaching at the Akharas(centers) of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji and Sant Leader Singh Ji, is a thing of honor for the area.

Gatka Coach Gurwinder Kaur with the Inspiration of Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji has set many records in the nation and abroad. Her efforts to train the girls to be expert in the Heritage Sport Gatka for self defense has got her name registered in this book amongst the 200 Shining stars of India.

This book dedicated to Prakash Purb of Meeri-Peeri de Malik Malik Shree Guru Harigobind Sahib was dedicated to gursangats during Jaud Mela functions Celebrated at Gurdwara Gursar Sahib Saiflabad.

This book was formally released by Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji, Sant Leader Singh Ji Saiflabad, Sant Amrik Singh Khukhrain, Sant Baba Gurmej Singh Ji Saidrana Sahib, Sant Sukhjit Singh Ji Seechewal, Baba Chhinda Ji and other Mahanpurash and Mata Surinder Kaur Ji.

On this occasion Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji addressing the sangats said that the youths are the assets of our Nation. The youth's achievements in the different fields have brought honor to the Sikh Brotherhood in the world. He said that Shree Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who had lead the Sikh religion (Koum) in their prime age and became guide to the Sikhism, now have been source of inspiration at this time of struggle of these young heroes. Four Sahibjade Baba Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh, Joravar Singh and Fateh Singh and Baba Banda Singh Bahadar's son Ajay Singh in their youth by sacrificing their lives for the nation and to save the religion (Koum) has set a unique example. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had fought the first war in the age of ten and he became Maharaja of Khalsa Raj at 21.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Kartar Singh Sarabha became M a r t y r d o m for the nation in their prime youth. They are the guides of our religion and our present youths should take Inspiration from them and with thinking about the welfare of Punjab should achieve dominance in some field.

This book was released with 'Khalsai Shan- Shaukat' under the echoes of Nagaras and Jaikaras. At this formal releasing of the book Nihang Singh Jathebandian and other dignitaries were also present.

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