The worsening position of environment is an international issue and the joint efforts are needed to

International recognition needed to Sant Seechewal’s Works- Machelo Morrati

The trees planted in Punjab providing coolness in Italy.The Sarpanch of village Ilario in Italy termed the renovation works of Holy Bein as great one.Sultanpur Lodhi, 12 May (Seechewal Times)

 Residents of Italy are quite impressed with Sant Seechewal’s works. The Sarpanch of village Santa Ilario in Italy Mr. Machelo Morrati had said that the trees that Sant Seechewal is planting in the Punjab to save the environment, their coolness is being felt in Italy. He Said that the worsening position of environment is an international issue and the joint efforts are needed to solve it. The works that Sant Seechewal is doing are also beneficial to the people of Italy as the air can’t be bounded in the boundry. He said that Sant Seechewal is contributing greatly to save the earth from the clutches of pollution. A Nation’s economy and environment should progress collectively. It should not be done that a country may advance economically and its environment is harmed extremely.
    An EX. Prof. of history of Gardiwal in Punjab and now a resident of Italy S. Jaspal Singh told that he has a talk with Prof. Morrati about the Italy visit of Sant Seechewal Ji. Mr. Morrati who is also Sarpanch of the village had taken the knowhow of Sant Seechewal’s works towards environment, on the website. Mr. Morrati had asked S. Jaspal Singh to inform him in advance about the future visit of Sant Seechewal so that he could arrange his meeting with the schools and university students. Marchelo Morrati said that in the works of environment the way the Sant Seechewal has led the people of Punjab that needs to be adopted by the world as these have become now a role model. Prof. Morrati is also doing research on Indians who had come to work in Italy.
     Sant Sechewal told him that he is motivating the people of Punjab to participate and to involve themselves in the works of recycling of water, to save the natural resources of water from pollution, to plant trees, to improve the level of the ground waters, education, sports and many other social welfare works.
   On this occasion among Punjabi brotherhood, Atma Singh Nijjar, Satnam Singh Nijjar, Amarjit Singh Chakchella, Bhupinder Singh, Mohan Singh Hirapur, Nirjhan Singh, Prem Singh,  Harpreet Singh, Amrik Singh, Amarjit Singh Cheema, Hardev Singh Chakchella and many other personsa of Punjabi brotherhood were also present.

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