Sant Seechewal made an appeal to save next generation by saving environment.

Sant Seechewal made an appeal to save next generation by saving environment.
By burning stubble we not only harm the environment but also we burn our friendly creatures and trees. With air being polluted, our children, elders and patients find it difficult to breath. Air and water are important elements for our survival and it is our responsibility to save them for our coming generations.  Environment lover Padma Shri Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal appealed the farmers to not to burn stubble (prali).
As with it surface of land is also burnt. Fertilety power of the earth is also decreased. With the death of friendly creatures the crops fall victim to illness more. 67% of the fertilizers remains in the stubble whereas only 33% goes to the crop. If we cultivate the stubble in the field 60% fertilizers utility will be completed. Punjab Agriculture University with its efforts has introduced multure and many other instruments to mix prali in the fields. We can easily prepare the fields for the next crop with its help.
After harvesting paddy with combine we can lessen the next crop sowing expenses with the happy seeder straight forward. Due to leaving natural crop methods and adaptation of modern methods of agriculture has affected the human health quite badly. With the excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers we are inviting the illnesses ourselves. Our elders used to do natural cultivation. Animal dungs and urine were used as fertilizers. Air and water were clean, but in the race of money not only environment is polluted but due to our faults the natural resources are also polluted. By understanding the value of the Gurbani Sermons ‘Pawan Guru, Panni Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat’ we should not go against the principles of nature. By following the preachings of Gurbani and our Gurus we should make our  Families and our Society Healthy.

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