Water of the Punjab rivers should be like that of Gobind Sagar lake:- Sant Seechewal

When will the rivers and streams become an election issue?
Environment lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal said that the water of the Punjab rivers should be like that of Gobind Sagar lake of Bhagoraian Dam. Conversing after a visit to Bhakhra Dam Sant Seechewal said that who is after all responsible for the mixing of contamination of the villages and cities in the rivers that are fed by the clean waters of the glaciers. Why are not the responsible officials made answerable? He said that if the contamination is not put in Sutlej and Beas anywhere its water could become drinkable after some cleaning.
During this the chairman of the Monitoring Committee Justice Pritpal Singh told that for example the water of the snow of hills directly flow in the shape of rivers in Tokyo city. People drink this water without treatment as not a pinch of contamination falls in it.
Committee member Sh. Babu Ram said that Gobind Sagar lake water is going to Sutlej river as it comes from hills but it is our bad luck that industries and other units contaminated waters have made the waters of the Sutlej river poisonous.
After visiting Bhakhra Dam for the first time Environment Lover Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal told that during 2008 Lok Sabha elections he had taken an awareness march against the fall of contamination in the natural resources. It's matter of great regret that till now none of the party has made the drinking water an issue in their issues of election. He made an appeal to the people to ask the candidates and the political parties a question about the water pollution and its solution because this issue is connected with the coming generations of the Punjabis.

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